Razor Candi



I just had to shoot a set when I laid eyes on this huge mirror! Really loving both color scheme and styling in this one. Hope you all enjoy glances of every angle ;)

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Can you hear the tribal beat of drums? It’s like Calypso meets Bay Watch! I’m excited about this set because I feel it’s very different from most of the work I’ve done mainly because of the bright, beachy location. I was inspired to shoot this tribal witch doctor style shoot based on a cool prop my sister Eden had. It seemed like the perfect opportunity being in Florida to set up a shoot right away so we headed out to Ft. Desoto. Not only was the skull prop from my sister included but she was also involved in shooting the detailed close up shots plus a few other which was an exciting change for me. Hope you all enjoy this new set as much as I enjoyed shooting it!

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My Free Cams



Thanks to MyFreeCams.com I received this cute top with matching slippers but best of all I got this really sweet toy! Thank you MyFreeCams!


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Secret Window


One of the few sets shot by Amelia G and Forrest Black during my trip in Las Vegas! I enjoyed shooting this one quite a bit because Blue Blood is a pleasure to work with thus we were able to capture a lot of great shots! I think the huge window over looking the city and the Spring Mountain view is a nice touch to a bad ass look ;)

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A quick selfie set taken in Las Vegas with my new iPhone thanks to a very generous fan! I was so excited to try out the camera and video features of my new iPhone 6 so I wanted to make sure I went all out with my look by choosing a bad ass get up head to toe ;)


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Had the opportunity and pleasure to shoot with the gorgeous Ginger Girlie. I don’t do very many girl/girl sets, though I’ve done a rare few girl on girl sets in the past this one by far is the hottest yet! I know you’ve all probably been eagerly waiting for this set ever since my blog post & social media chatter so here it is!!
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Enjoy ;)



I know some of you may be thinking “but it’s Valentine’s Day, why does this look like a Halloween costume!?” Those of you who follow my work know I’m very visual but also dark. For Valentine’s Day this year I decided to do a Succubus theme! In case you didn’t know a succubus is a supernatural entity or demon in folklor that appears in dreams and takes female form in order to seduce men, usually through sexual activity.

Religious traditions believe that repeated sexual activity with a succubus may result in the deterioration of health or even death, so be careful who you choose for your romantic Valentine this year;)

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Photo shoot with Ginger Girlie

Finally got some progress done while I’m settling in! First of all I managed to shoot a very sexy Valentine’s Day set. I’m very lucky to have discovered an amazing costume shop not even 10 minutes from me where I can find all kinds of awesome props for shoots but first I’ll need to make the cash to invest, but I couldn’t resist and still bought myself a few things for my shoot ;) I’ll give you a few behind the scenes sneak peeks but you’ll have to wait for the set to go live next week on RazorCandi.com to see the full blown awesome results ;) After the shoot I finally made it out to Elysium for the goth night and to do a little dancing. I was approached by a group of girls from San Antonio which was very sweet and made me feel very welcome <3 Made it out to the Austin Tattoo Convention on Sunday the 29th for a bit as well. Also yesterday was a very successful day!! I was contacted a couple weeks ago by the stunning Ginger Girlie about shooting a hot set together, how could I say no!? I lucked out because she was very sweet and I quickly became very comfortable with her, plus she scored a gorgeous location to set the mood! Don’t miss out on lots of way too naughty behind the scene photos and a hot video clip on my members only blog!! After our spicy hot shoot we headed out to The Jackalope for a bite to eat. All in all I’m super excited I’m meeting people here and can’t wait to get to set up for my members!!


more pics here!!!

Loving Austin!

Yesterday was a week since my big move to Austin and so far I’m really loving it here! The people are so friendly, the city is beautiful but most of all it has such a free artistic vibe I can’t help but fall in love with it! On Thursday I took a 3 hr hike by foot around the city, walked around down town while heading to the art store to buy some new drawing and painting supplies and hit up a really cute cafe. For the first time in a while I felt carefree and comfortable in my own skin. Though Romania became home and I miss it a lot I never really got over feeling on edge all the time when I walked in public there. So far my place is coming together nicely and is finally starting to feel like a real home save for a few missing things like a TV and a couch haha. I’m feeling very lucky and loved, as it turns out an awesome supporter of my work helped me out BIG TIME by gifting me with a new computer! Whew! I’m looking really forward to getting back to work asap and now I can! I still have a few other items that my place can use, especially photography gear, which I massively need, so if you’re feeling generous and wanna help out just check out the post below or click here to go right to my wishlist :)


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Moved to Austin TX!



Here I go again. As many of you might know by now I recently relocated back to the US from Europe (Romania).
It’s been fun, strange and emotional. Europe was amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart but change is also necessary for growth and so it was time to move on.

Besides the great adventure of moving I also launched my photo book project smack in the middle of the move so that’s been challenging in itself. After visiting PA and spending the holidays with my family in Florida it’s now time for my next move. My final destination is actually Austin, Texas, for many reasons.

First being that don’t want to return to my past, I prefer to feel that I’m going forward with this move. Secondly it’s also related to lifestyle and work, so I have my fingers crossed. I’ve been on the fence about continuing modeling for a while now, mainly age being the factor but adding to that the move left me with having to abandon or sell practically everything I owned from shoes and accessories to my desktop computer.

Of course I’m torn and I’ll try to make modeling viable for as long as possible as it’s my most intense passion but behind the final products like the photos you see there is pretty much hardly any revenue. After traveling a lot for work and paying for lodging out of my own pocket I’m left with very low finances but a few solid photo sets that still need to be worked on. Sadly without my work station they won’t see publishing for a while and it almost seems pointless to continue shooting if I don’t have the necessary means to publish the sets. Besides having my own personal photographer, doing my own concepts, designs, make-up & hair I also do all of my own post production on photos/videos and not having a computer has put a complete stop to my photo output.

This is the reason why, before I get my act together in Austin, I have this wish-list setup. Anyone who first of all has the means, feels generous and thinks they can support me getting started you are welcome to purchase items from my wishlist or those of you who can’t outright buy any item from the wishlist but still want to support me can use the donate button found below, any amount will help me move toward getting a new computer faster. The number one priority by far for me is the computer & monitor and only then new photography gear and other appliances. Anyone who purchased items for me in the past knows I reciprocate with private/unpublished or custom photos/videos so rest assured that if you get the computer I’ll make it worth your while.

Again, any support helps a lot, if you ever had to relocate you know this, however I’m more than willing to trade depending from case to case.

Other than that, if you see me around Austin don’t hesitate to say hello!