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Got around to shooting a couple more wigs for the very amazing Pennydreads & Wigs store! I really love them both and was quite surprised to find out that I really loved the curly one! I thought I would end up really liking the black and silver since I’m a little more familiar with sleek bobs but had a pleasant surprise when I popped on the split tone curly wig! I never thought curls suited me much but I have to say, it’s a really cute wig! I’m looking forward to the end of the month because I actually have plans to go half black and half pink with my real hair and this cute wig only got me more psyched about it! Can’t wait :D


After the shoot I whipped together a very satisfactory taco salad with a couple left over tortillas and homemade enchilada sauce. I’ve been cooking Mexican all week and I’m really starting to think I need to take a trip to Mexico already because I seriously love the cuisine *drool* I also decided to continue on with cooking after my binge and whipped together one of my most favorite Asian soups: Nori Mushroom Soup nom nom! I had a couple of instant miso soup packs to add this time, normally the recipe calls for miso paste but sadly I cannot find such luxuries over here in Romania but I did manage to find instant soup and it worked out well enough so I’ve been having some good eats this weekend! In addition to my culinary engagements I watched some pretty odd but enjoyable movies over the weekend as well. I finally got around to watching Martyrs that one has been sitting on my watch list for some time, loved it. This put me on a French roll so I watched La Pianiste errr… what did I just watch? :)) Then another called The Babadook, very eerie One of my favorites that landed on my IMDB list was Bad Milo! Wow…sooo funny! This got me onto a B movie horror spree so I watched a pretty weird one called Jug Face and another called Contracted this got me thinking about diseases and outbreaks and the whole frenzy about Ebola that kind of disappeared so I watched an old classic… Outbreak and then a newer one called Contagion needless to say I wish I had used those two hours to make my puzzle :-p I also made an attempt at The Zero Theorem, though there was something quite engaging about the atmosphere and setting of the movie I ended up stopping it half way through out of boredom. I don’t usually do that with movies; hopefully one day I can give it another shot ;) and finally last night A Million Ways to Die in the West cracked me up, but I didn’t expect anything less from Seth MacFarlane.

Sorry I couldn’t give ya’ll a more entertaining post, things haven’t been so exciting around here as of late but that’s life… Anyway, feast your eyes on a couple more photos in some beautimous wigs! More will be posted in my fashion gallery on RazorCandi.com!!









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