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Weekend in Cluj

This past weekend was probably one of my most exhausting photo session outings yet. Not only have we sort of been slacking a bit with shooting lately, so getting back into it is slow, but I also caught an insanely nasty cold which had me bed ridden since last Monday. I was quite nervous that I wouldn’t get over it by Saturday and the worst part was that we missed the cancel date which meant if we didn’t show up we’d still have to pay for two nights. Aside from that I had been looking forward to this outing for a while now since it took about a month for openings and it was the hotel which I made my Piggy Bank Girls campaign for over a year ago. After lots of medicine and rest I started feeling better, at least not as feverish, but I was still rocking a stuffy nose and a sexy hacking cough ;)

Originally the plan was to get there and shoot one set on Friday night, four on Saturday since we had the whole day, and one more on Sunday morning before check out. We only caught the 7pm bus to Cluj because Attila also has a day job like most grown people, which meant we only arrived at the hotel at about 11pm. We decided it’s probably best that I not push myself too much and risk feeling like ass all day Saturday and get some well needed rest instead so my battery was fully charged for a whole day of work!

Regardless of feeling a bit under the weather, we all know what it feels like to have to work when you feel crummy, I was still able to pull off 4 shoots on Saturday. 3 long sets with 3 videos and a 4th shorter ‘on a whim’ set which turned out very artistic and interesting. With each set taking about 2 hrs each we finished in time to head down to the restaurant for dinner which was very pleasant after not eating all day but I was feeling pretty drained at that point and was beginning to fear that Sunday morning’s set wouldn’t happen. Luckily after much needed rest I did feel that I could pull myself together for just one more shoot and video. It seemed too much a shame to skip it so I pulled through!

Being the workhorse that I am I’m feeling pretty panicked now since I took a whole week off to recuperate I’m realizing how much stuff I need to catch up on! I’m soooo happy my calendar sales are doing so well. I’ve already sold half of them! I also have big plans for a book but I won’t go into deals just yet on that and I was commissioned to shoot a custom set, which was one of the sets I shot over the weekend, but now I have to get my ass in gear since paid requests always move to the front of the line and if I want to keep up with my post production schedule it’s going to be a bust ass week for me!

Anyway I’m very relieved that we were able to get some good headway with new work and I even managed to make time (and remember) to shoot selfies and some behind the scenes photos for my blog this time :) Of course my members only blog on RazorCandi.com is always full of hotter candid eye candy for those of you who like that sort of stuff ;)



























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