Razor Candi

Watch me go from “normal” to “crazy”, witness THE TRANSITION


There are many many amazingly talented models out there in the world and I see a lot of work these days that leaves me speechless but one thing I do pride myself on is the degree of transformation I can achieve with my looks. I don’t think versatility is a must in a modeling career but for me it’s really important to try and customize every shoot with a theme for it to be more authentic and convincing.

So, have you ever wondered what it takes for me to get geared up?

This shoot was really just shot all in good fun for fans and people who are curious about what it takes for me to transition into ‘RazorCandi’. The whole shoot was really about the art behind make up, styling and my skill to transform myself from one person to another.
I’ve always loved art and enjoyed using it in a way to visually dress myself as a creative walking art piece.

See the complete set HERE


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