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Sunday the 13th at 10am we arrive in Vienna. We decided to stop here because Attila set up a tattoo appointment with Bernhard from Vienna Electric Tattoo. We met Bernie during the 2010 Transilvania Tattoo Expo. A year later at the 2011 Transilvania Tattoo Expo he tattooed the rose on my left shoulder and in December 2012 on the ride home from Berlin we stopped in Vienna so Attila could again continue his sleeve from Bernie as well as crashing at his place so we’ve known him for quite some time and it was really nice catching up and crashing with him and his girlfriend Nina. They have 3 lovely cats which were a delight to be around because I love cats! We chatted over a coffee until about 3pm and then decided to head to the Tattoo Studio so Attila could get his tattoo done. First we stopped off at Blue Orange, a very lovely vegan/vegetarian bagel shop where all of my dreams were fulfilled with the most amazing spicy avocado bagel sandwich and chai tea latte with soy milk of course! I was in heaven. I had a grand time at the Tattoo Studio as well with no time to get bored because of the amazing book collection they have, I felt like a kid in a candy store only more like a nerd in a book shop.

Bernie was finished with Atti’s tattoo by 7pm. Originally we had planned to eat out at any vegan restaurant since we assumed there were many to choose from but we were feeling a little beat from only having caught an hour and half of sleep and not very much in the very uncomfortable car ride. We decided to call it a night but first swung by a burger shop that had veggie burgers to go and headed home for the evening.

I had an awesome nights rest and was ready for what Monday had in store. We had been doing so well with sightseeing so far we didn’t want to stop and we had planned a day packed full of more! We headed toward the Tattoo Studio with Bernie but parted ways at Blue Orange once again. I couldn’t just eat there once with all the amazing selections so I got the classic bagel with cream cheese, tomato and lettuce with yet another chai tea latte.

After our meal we headed downtown where our first stop would be the Kaisergruft or Imperial Crypt but of course doing a little sightseeing on the way. This shit had me speechless. I didn’t even know where to start with the photo taking, I was all over the place. I think we walked back and forth throughout the crypt a few times. So much history it’s chilling. I think it was one of the most impressive places I’ve been so far so you can assume there will be lots of photos under the cut!
After the Imperial Crypt we debated on whether or not we want to climb St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the Stephanplatz. I was in my heavy winter coat which seemed a little annoying to climb 343 steps on a winding stairway. I’ve been up the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague so I’m no stranger to climbing these things but I really wanted to get up there and collect my coin :-p Luckily Attila being the uber organizer had the backpack, half full, with him so I balled up my jacket and stuck it in there and with that made our way up! RazorCandi.com members will get to enjoy an eyeful of the things I got myself up to on my way up ;)

Afterwards we walked around a bit more and ended up on the Danube where we spotted some cool graffiti and cute looking boat style restaurant on the water called Motto am Fluss unbeknownst to us it was also very vegan friendly so I ordered a drink and my favorite, lentil soup!

We headed back towards Vienna Electric Tattoo to say goodbye to Bernie because we had a night train to catch back to Romania, but first we stopped, once again, at Blue Orange to buy up some wraps and bagels for the 15 hour train ride back home. When we went to grab our luggage from Bernie & Nina’s place we found her and couple girls baking vegan cupcakes! It was so refreshing chit chatting with people who were well up to date with current affairs I almost wished I could have just popped on an apron and joined them for the rest of the evening, alas we had a train to catch.

We decided to do the walk to the Hauptbahnhof which ended up being a good hour on foot to the brand new station. It was a really beautiful and once again convenient station with lots of stores so that you can grab essential things like water… and chips ;) Of course the second we reach the waiting section of the station it’s full of drunk people passed out on chairs and shady ass mother fuckers who were clearly up to shit. Luckily we didn’t have long to wait until our train showed up on the screen and we headed to the line where it would be arriving. Cold and tired I was definitely ready to crawl into the cozy little bed in our sleeping cart but those day dreams were shattered when the announcement for our train told us that it was running 15 minutes late. Fortunately it was only 15 minutes.

The sleeping cart was adorable. The train was slightly older, it was a Romanian train after all, but still it was clean and had character where as I imagine the newer sleeping carts are all white and kind of boring. You know what this called for – a mini photo session!! Atti and I sprung into action, the photos will be available soon!

After we were settled in we ‘tucked into’ our Blue Orange spicy hummus wraps and watched Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl. Don’t ask why we watch all the shit out of order, we just do :-p Even though it was probably like 9pm I was completely exhausted. I don’t think I’ve slept that good in a long time! At 2am the Hungarian Border Control came aknockin’ and after that the Romanian Border Control and after that we stuffed our faces with the last bagel and promptly fell back asleep until about 7am. The train didn’t travel directly to Sibiu so we had to catch a connecting train in Medias at noon so we had about an hour to kill. We headed across the street where we found a cozy little Irish Pub and grabbed a coffee. Our train was waiting for us when we headed back to the station and in about 2 hours we’d find ourselves back in Sibiu!

In the end, everything I had experienced during my trip, the photos are amazing to have but they just aren’t the same as actually witnessing and experiencing this stuff in real life and I am forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunities that I’ve had. I’m forever grateful to the people who have lent me their couches, beds or floors and have taken the time to show me around their beautiful cities. I’ve been bitten by the wanderlust bug for sure and I don’t want to stop here.




































































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    Yea “fuck nazis”! Shurely we freedom-loving sex-libertines must do more action against them then in the past. I really belive that re-nationalism is poisening Europe again. Remember the first half of last century with two murdering world-wars!

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