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Loving Austin!

Yesterday was a week since my big move to Austin and so far I’m really loving it here! The people are so friendly, the city is beautiful but most of all it has such a free artistic vibe I can’t … Continue reading

Moved to Austin TX!

HELP ME PUBLISH NEW SETS! Here I go again. As many of you might know by now I recently relocated back to the US from Europe (Romania). It’s been fun, strange and emotional. Europe was amazing and will always hold … Continue reading

Tied Up!

Can’t believe it’s been a month since my last journal post but I’ve been pretty tied up, and not in a good way ;) You can read all about my busy schedule under the cut!

First of all moving came so suddenly and unexpectedly but a really nice place became available and we couldn’t pass it up! Thing is we’ve been looking for a place because our one year contact ends at the end of September and we found a really nice roomy place in the basement of a Villa but after checking it out and confirming with the realtor that we wanted it the owners of the place, who actually saw us when we arrived to see it, told the realtor that they don’t want ‘people like us’ living there. Talk about putting the guy in an awkward position lol! I just thought it was funny that they pussied out and didn’t say anything straight to us when we arrived, eat my ass yuppie turds, we found a way better place anyway!! Mold free, two bedrooms and big ass kitchen and bath, we’re all moved in and I’m very happy!

On another exciting note my calendars are officially for sale yayyy!!! I just picked them up this morning hot off the press and they are now packaged up and ready to ship out to all those who pre-ordered them BUT there are only 24 left so you better order now while you can, they are hot hot hot and going fast!

Besides that I found these photos from a few weeks ago when I went to Rasnov for a metal festival.

Most recent thrilling news is that I met an awesome hairstylist here in town who has been following my work for the past 4 years or so and he actually found me by chance while he was getting Tattooed at the Transilvania Tattoo Shop! Small world! But he makes some really Avant Garde amazing Up Styles and he offered to give me free hair treatments so I hit up his Shop, Salon Excentric on Monday evening and he whipped up a beautiful updo to show off his skills in just a few minutes! It was really nice being pampered and also being able to laugh again with people who think beyond the norm. I look forward to our future collaborations as you should be too because the styles we’ve been talking about are going to blow your mind!

And Prague is just around the corner, I leave on the 26th and I am looking more than forward to the trip there to see the beautiful city of Prague once again but most of all to shoot for Dracula Clothing and to see Truls whom was a very warm and generous host , guide and friend during our last visit in February 2012!

Last but not least, a smokin’ hot new set went up on RazorCandi.com and woooowza, if you like pale skinned natural red heads then you are not going to want to miss out on this hot (and wet) set!!! I also bust out my toys for bath time and I’m not talking about my rubber ducky either ;) Continue reading