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BLACK ORCHID Secretarial but not quite, gothic school girl but not quite, librarian but not quite. However in-between categories the looks may fall I think we agree they are still all very hot looks. Sometimes I don’t really have a … Continue reading

Rubber Temptation

RUBBER TEMPTATION I wanted to jump on the chance to wiggle into this beautiful latex two piece thanks to a very generous fan and friend! I’ve had this cute little latex 2pc Bikini set for a while now and was … Continue reading

My Secret Luxury

MY SECRET LUXURY A subtle set with a few nice ending shots to sum it up. I wanted to go for a kinky set with a few fetish elements but avoid going too over board so to capture a more … Continue reading


SPELLBOUND A predictable look but enjoyable set, I thought I’d try and capture an enthralling, glamorous style which is always kind of a given when shooting sexier looks. Though I went on the safe side with my look while shooting … Continue reading


STARLIGHT Inspired by the pale blue shimmer of my silver lox paired with the contract of my shinny black latex I came up with the name Starlight for this set. To make the contrast even better I brought in a … Continue reading


PORCELAIN I’ve always loved alabaster skin and hair with an exaggerated smokey eye, something about it just makes me think of cold marble. What’s more fitting is the location which sort of reminds me of ancient architecture with a neoclassical … Continue reading


SOMBER Sometimes sets don’t always go as planned or I don’t get as excited about the result as I do with some other sets, therefore they usually take a back seat until I decide whether or not I even want … Continue reading


VENUS A really nice set, with a really nice theme. My set Venus portrays sexual desire, beauty, enticement, seduction, and persuasive female charm. You’ll notice this set was shot slightly different than most sets, having a more ambient setting, we … Continue reading


RISE I thought Rise was a very fitting name for this set, not only because it was shot in the very early morning of a beautiful sun rise but also because of the beautiful view which is risen above and … Continue reading


GOTHIC SLUT II Return of the Gothic Slut!!! I was looking to recapture a past look for this set but hotter, bolder, better by including toys and going even sluttier than 2009’s version! I feel the site could certainly use … Continue reading