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Olive Garden Minestrone Soup

So I’ve been missin’ me some Olive Garden Minestrone Soup something fierce! Since I can’t just drive out to my local Olive Garden I had to resort to the next best thing, making my own! It’s not bottomless but I … Continue reading

story of my life

Okay, are you all really ready to see exactly how exciting my life actually is? Brace yourself, you better great ready for this one!

Smoky Lentil Soup

So I’ve become quite the cook lately! Through my journey of engaging in a vegan diet for the past two and a half years I’ve sort of been forced to cook a lot more then I used to while living … Continue reading


Just got back from Cluj last night. Atti was in a bit of a rush to make it out there because Robert (the tattoo artist who is finishing his chest piece) is moving to Oslo in a few weeks so … Continue reading

Food post!

I know I’ve been making a lot of food posts lately but who doesn’t love food!

Necklace – Mim N Tim Design and other photos

I modeled a lovely necklace by Mim N Tim Design this weekend : http://www.mimntimdesign.com/ you can see larger photos under the cut. Also hit up Sibiu for the Theater Festival which we didn’t actually end up going to any plays … Continue reading