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THE BLACK SEA I managed to make it out to Vama Veche again this year but this time I made a real effort to shoot on the beach! Because there are so many people around and no way to sneak … Continue reading

Vama Veche – Day Six

Last day!! We ended up stopping at the Aquarium in Constanța before our 6 hour trip back to Sibiu.

Vama Veche – Day Five

I know I am going a bit fast now with posts, I would have liked to given a few days break between each post from my trip to Vama Veche but I got a little backed up when the server … Continue reading

Vama Veche – Day Four

Vama Veche – Day Three

Day three wasn’t so different from the last two days… lots of binging on food and alcohol, isn’t that what a vacation is about?

Vama Veche – Day Two

Day two of my trip to the sea side at Vama Veche.

Vama Veche – Day One

I don’t really need to write much since my photos have captions and kind of say it all. Anyway to sum it up Adda & Ovidiu pitched the idea to us about going to the Black Sea this year for … Continue reading