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Well, Atti and I made it out to Sibiu last weekend but we didn't attend the Artmania festival this year, we just mooched from the terraces like everyone else ;) It was quite a nice vacation and along with it came many surprises for the future!

 photo cover2_zpsc886d138.jpg

I also finished the Dia de Los Muertos painting I was comissioned to make :D

 photo cover_zps4c189884.jpg

Anyway some fun photos around and outside of Sibiu :)

Some photos Atti snapped before hitting the road.

 photo DSC_3414_zpsfb2e6939.jpg

Hanging out at the Transilvania Tattoo Shop with my nagging bone…errr.

 photo DSC_3419S_zps911fb309.jpg

At a village outside Sibiu.

 photo DSC_3421S_zps5ffe0519.jpg

 photo DSC_3426S_zps821d9a06.jpg

 photo DSC_343S_zps98f5af9f.jpg

 photo DSC_3438S_zpsd3cd2feb.jpg

 photo DSC_3433S_zps77e46a2f.jpg

 photo DSC_3439S_zpse83e4e39.jpg

 photo DSC_3444S_zps914a9e3b.jpg

 photo DSC_3449S_zps054d942f.jpg

 photo DSC_3450S_zps2da90e36.jpg

my newest painting!

 photo DSC_3504S_zps9fa4649c.jpg

 photo art964small_zpsd93f9f72.jpg

 photo painting_zpsf2b87ab4.gif

The original photo I shot and used as the reference :

 photo DSC_0012_zps15cd7958.jpg

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