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Rubber Temptation



I wanted to jump on the chance to wiggle into this beautiful latex two piece thanks to a very generous fan and friend! I’ve had this cute little latex 2pc Bikini set for a while now and was hoping for a reason to put it to good use! I’m also loving these interesting open toed boots, I’ve never seen open toes with a point, aren’t they wicked!! Who can resist a porcelain complexion wrapped in skin tight latex, a cherry red pout topped with colorful tufts of flowing teal hair!? Tempting eh? Despite the set being mostly non nude as I usually like to focus more on the latex, don’t let that determine the content of the whole set!


I even went the extra mile and made a smoking hot video for those who like to see me in motion.

See the FULL & UNCENSORED photo set & HD video HERE


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  • Rubb52
    Posted February 20, 2016 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    Hi RazorCandi, Rubbi from Germany, the sender of this outfit (latex and red heels) is back on this site. Really lovely that you wear more latex last time than in the past. Nice pictures and vid, I still love your posing and styling.I had quite a bad time, but now it is better again. I bought an abo for your commercial site razorcandi.com via my bank-account. The money will be on yours in 2 or 3 days. Please then send me my password that I can look on your works of the past two years when I was apart from you.


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