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New work coming soon on RazorCandi.com!

Exhausting weekend but very productive to say the least! On Friday night I went to see Caronte, a doom/stoner metal band from Italy.


They put on an amazing show but I did not stay out very late since I had a long weekend ahead of me involving 4 new shoots to add to my growing list of new material for all my viewers!

Atti and I were up and ready to check in at 12:00 noon Saturday morning at the Imparatul Romanilor Hotel. The moment we walked in I was regretting instantly that I did not plan a latex shoot because the bathroom looked pretty nice as well as the atmosphere of the main room, we also had big plans to sneak out for a few shots in the hallway which looked amazing decorated with chandeliers and Victorian furniture. Since the hotel was in town and only about a 20 minute walk back to our flat we decided after the first two sets we’d walk home, grab the latex, grab something to eat and then wrap up the night with the last two sets, of course with plans of the Sunday morning set we usually squeeze in as well.

Everything is starting out smoothly, I paint my face, wiggle into my new red two piece and pop on my wig – good to go! I wanted to try and get my Valentie’s set done this time first thing since I skipped out on it during last months session, to my relief the set went great and I was really feeling good with the Champagne coursing through my body! RazorCandi.com members can expect to see this set next month!!


Brake time after the set to change my nail polish shade and then back on track!






After that we geared up for our hike back home to grab the latex, it was getting pretty late by this time, 8pm was rolling around so we headed out to our favorite restaurant La Pasaj for a bowl of hot mushroom soup and grilled veggies with fries. Hoping this would also give me enough time to recover from the… mishap too hehe. Unfortunately our time management began to spiral out of control after we found out that there was a table of 16 who ordered right before us… we ended up waiting for a good hour and a half for our food and only returned back to the hotel past 11pm which was not really ideal for two more sets. I wanted the next two sets to be very different from the first two so I also had to apply more make up which took me longer than expected. With a belly full of food I was slowing down quite a bit. Finally after the make up was applied and hair styled I wiggled into the latex only to come to terms that I simply just wasn’t feelin’ it, something about the styling and the outfit was just off. This meant the hallway shots were out too as I beat! A little defeated from all the time we wasted to retrieve the latex I was all but pretty much done but I didn’t want to waste the extra mile I went with applying more make up and styling my hair which I specifically had also retouched just for this outing. I decided to get geared up in the Deathrock outfit I had planned and push on like a good soldier would. Luckily the set turned out just fine, maybe a bit short but still I’m really happy I was able to get material showing off more Goth and Deathrock imagery as I feel my portfolio consists strongly of too much babe/lingerie sets, so those of you on RazorCandi.com who enjoyed my old Deathrock style have got a treat to look forward too ;)



And then of course up at 8am to prepare for the last set which was also very successful and includes a video!


Wrapped up the day & evening winding down and watching movies. We watched Phenomena , Captain Phillips and the new remake of Carrie.

I also took the liberty of playing around with something I thought viewers, fans, and long time followers may find interesting. This is really just all in good fun, it came to mind because I feel that my work is constantly compared, so much that even I do it! Of course it’s expected when one is doing a variety of looks, there will be people asking for one look or the other. I’m sure many of my fans realize this diversity is what makes my body of work so special and while they are demanding one look they understand why I still flip flop. Not only is diversity important but so is achieving a balance and this is where budget and time comes in. One thing a lot of people are not exposed to is what really goes on ‘behind the scenes’, why certain choices are made etc. thus this cool little diagram came to exist. I think this shows a really great side to both Pro’s and Con’s of both styles, why more artistic or decorative looks are often times a little inaccessible, why simpler looks are easier to achieve but also should not be revered so highly when compared to a style that takes much more dedication and time. I constantly feel that while some people praise my more glamorous and natural sets and cut down my punky goth looks for being too over the top and scary they are missing the true art and dedication behind that side of my work while at the same time some people want to see more! More crazy, more fashion, more outrageous but more means more time, more money, more energy. Thus the balance :) I feel as long as I have the support and understanding from my fans my work can continue on.


Of course this is all very disputable as some of the items were purchased from very special, extra supportive Wish List buyers whom I owe a million thanks to for helping me achieve the results.

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