Razor Candi




One of the two bar sets I shot with Amelia G during my Las Vegas trip. This was a really fun and spontaneous spur of the moment shoot done in a bar restroom. The time just felt right and I’m happy I leaped on the opportunity because I think the photos turned out really bad ass under the devilish red light ;)


From the photographer: So it was the first night of our Las Vegas trip. And we heard this one bar had a fun drag show. So we headed out to the nightclub. Drinks were like a billion dollars each and the club informed us that the performers were going to go on at 2am. Oh yeah, a lot of things happen later at night in Las Vegas. So RazorCandi and I had to amuse ourselves. I noticed that there was this really interesting red light in the bathroom, so I took a photo of the wall and then I knew what would make that wall look even better — RazorCandi in front of it!

See the FULL & UNCENSORED photo set HERE


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