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Moved to Austin TX!



Here I go again. As many of you might know by now I recently relocated back to the US from Europe (Romania).
It’s been fun, strange and emotional. Europe was amazing and will always hold a special place in my heart but change is also necessary for growth and so it was time to move on.

Besides the great adventure of moving I also launched my photo book project smack in the middle of the move so that’s been challenging in itself. After visiting PA and spending the holidays with my family in Florida it’s now time for my next move. My final destination is actually Austin, Texas, for many reasons.

First being that don’t want to return to my past, I prefer to feel that I’m going forward with this move. Secondly it’s also related to lifestyle and work, so I have my fingers crossed. I’ve been on the fence about continuing modeling for a while now, mainly age being the factor but adding to that the move left me with having to abandon or sell practically everything I owned from shoes and accessories to my desktop computer.

Of course I’m torn and I’ll try to make modeling viable for as long as possible as it’s my most intense passion but behind the final products like the photos you see there is pretty much hardly any revenue. After traveling a lot for work and paying for lodging out of my own pocket I’m left with very low finances but a few solid photo sets that still need to be worked on. Sadly without my work station they won’t see publishing for a while and it almost seems pointless to continue shooting if I don’t have the necessary means to publish the sets. Besides having my own personal photographer, doing my own concepts, designs, make-up & hair I also do all of my own post production on photos/videos and not having a computer has put a complete stop to my photo output.

This is the reason why, before I get my act together in Austin, I have this wish-list setup. Anyone who first of all has the means, feels generous and thinks they can support me getting started you are welcome to purchase items from my wishlist or those of you who can’t outright buy any item from the wishlist but still want to support me can use the donate button found below, any amount will help me move toward getting a new computer faster. The number one priority by far for me is the computer & monitor and only then new photography gear and other appliances. Anyone who purchased items for me in the past knows I reciprocate with private/unpublished or custom photos/videos so rest assured that if you get the computer I’ll make it worth your while.

Again, any support helps a lot, if you ever had to relocate you know this, however I’m more than willing to trade depending from case to case.

Other than that, if you see me around Austin don’t hesitate to say hello!

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