Razor Candi

Loving Austin!

Yesterday was a week since my big move to Austin and so far I’m really loving it here! The people are so friendly, the city is beautiful but most of all it has such a free artistic vibe I can’t help but fall in love with it! On Thursday I took a 3 hr hike by foot around the city, walked around down town while heading to the art store to buy some new drawing and painting supplies and hit up a really cute cafe. For the first time in a while I felt carefree and comfortable in my own skin. Though Romania became home and I miss it a lot I never really got over feeling on edge all the time when I walked in public there. So far my place is coming together nicely and is finally starting to feel like a real home save for a few missing things like a TV and a couch haha. I’m feeling very lucky and loved, as it turns out an awesome supporter of my work helped me out BIG TIME by gifting me with a new computer! Whew! I’m looking really forward to getting back to work asap and now I can! I still have a few other items that my place can use, especially photography gear, which I massively need, so if you’re feeling generous and wanna help out just check out the post below or click here to go right to my wishlist :)











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