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Monday night spiraled into total chaos, but first I will step back to Saturday night and go from there.

Saturdays have turned into a bit of a ritual. Andreea usually joins us for global cuisine, beers and movies. We chose Sushi as our preferred cuisine for the evening. After preparing rolls stuffed with smoked tofu, green onion, cucumber, carrot, and lemon topped with mayo and toasted sesame seeds along with nori seaweed mushroom soup we watched The Other Guys and then The Internship. We wrapped up the night at about 2am. About an hour later I was woken up by my lip once again bleeding. This time it wasn’t as bad as the two previous incidents that occurred in Bucharest, but it persisted throughout the night slightly bleeding on and off every few hours.

On Sunday Attila called a doctor friend of his to get some possible advice about the unusual bleeding. In the end he resolved that a vein was probably just nicked and since some of the blood was brownish when I bled the conclusion was that it was old blood that was trapped under the skin and the bleeding would slow down and eventually stop. It seemed like a sure answer so I stopped worrying so much. Attila also contacted Ovidiu about the updates since he is Atti’s piercing mentor; he suggested he talk with a doctor acquaintance of his as well. We figured why not get a second opinion especially because with this doctor we could physically visit rather than make an analysis over the phone. In the meantime there was no more bleeding, though the piercing started feeling very tender and started to swell a bit.

We were told that the doctor would be on duty anytime before 8pm so Atti and I rush out there only to find out he would only be on duty after 8pm along with learning another problem, he was an on duty ER surgeon. Anyone who has ever gone to the emergency room knows how packed full and how long you will be waiting, so we decided to grab some coffee and snack on some onion rings to pass the hour. Note : On many occasions I’ve eaten with the new piercing often times bumping it and rubbing it with food, naturally, I’ve even at times accidentally bitten the post and it never triggered a bleeding episode. We returned back hoping the crowed may have died down just a little and we’d get lucky enough to ask for the doctor but the crowd was still jam-packed with sick folk. We felt kind of bad demanding the docs time when other people were being rushed in for more serious injuries, so in the end we said fuck it and headed over to the Transilvania Tattoo Shop. I decided to just remove the piercing since it was starting to bother me. I was a little worried and hesitant about removing it and had planned to remove it at the hospital just in case there were any issues as it was unknown to me how the open hole would react but having it in didn’t seem to be working either since it was becoming painful due to the swelling and it only seemed logical to remove it. So I took it out and to my relief it only let out a small amount of blood, again mixed with some darker brown blood which assured me further that it’s just old blood and the wound is at the end of it’s bleeding spurts, or so I think until events that later unfold… I’m able to get the bleeding under control fairly quick and lose no more than a teaspoon at best so Atti and I head home.

At about 12:30am I’m woken up by my mouth filling rapidly with blood. I jump out of bed, run to the bathroom sink and it’s just gushing uncontrollably.


To my horror I could feel it pumping out with each heartbeat, it was literally being pumped out like water through a hose. It was spirting so badly that when I switched napkins the blood literally shot out and hit Attila in the arm. We were trying to decide if we should call an ambulance or take a cab but I felt that I had gotten the bleeding under control enough so we take a cab. Fists and face full of bloody paper towels, we make our way to the cab and tell him to get us to the emergency room asap. Luckily by this time the ER seems dead and we ask a wandering nurse for the doctor. At this point my lip had stopped bleeding and we chat with the doc a bit, he says the same thing that the other doctor says about the vein probably being grazed. Seeing that the other piercing wasn’t bleeding as well we concluded that it probably wasn’t hemophilia or a problem with my blood even though we did a blood test to be safe (which later proved that I’m totally fine) and he sends us on our way.

Down to our last paper towel we decide we should run over to the tattoo shop before heading home since there are no 24 hour stores nearby. On our way to the shop, as I am crossing the street, I feel a pop in my lip… and absolute gore! Instantly a puddle formed at my feet, I grab the last paper towel we have left, instantly it is soaked in blood, but I attempt to keep pressure on it anyway. In the meantime Atti and I are walking like we have a fire under our ass which probably wasn’t helping with my blood flow. I could feel it dripping down my chin, my hands, my arms, my neck, down my chest, between my tits, at this point my jacket and shirt are drenched in blood, it was total fucking horror. We make it back to the ER, Atti fetches the doctor who comes quickly and takes me into a room.

I hadn’t realized how badly I was bleeding until I sat on the bed and looked at the trail of blood I was leaving behind me on the floor. A nurse comes in with a gauze swab, reluctantly I take the blood drenched paper towel away for a split second and the blood once again is sputtering out like a mini red fountain. She pinches the shit out of my lip and holds it for about 5 minutes. Only when she takes a peek by slowly releasing pressure she realizes it’s still flowing out incessantly and they decide they need to lay me down and do stitches asap. Turns out a major artery was punctured, yikes. Generally veins and arteries migrate away from the needle when one is being pierced but I guess I was that lucky one in a million who got my artery pierced along with my lip. I guess after 13 fucking lip piercings in a span of 15 years the chances of eventually nipping an artery is highly probable. After the stitches my lip swelled to a preposterous size and for the rest of the night I had to keep ice on it. Let me tell you, trying to figure out how to sleep with ice on your face isn’t easy, but I managed ;)

Of course Atti takes advantage of the moment by shooting this photo with his phone haha – at the ER.


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