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And so my adventure continues on the train from Paris heading to Frankfurt. This is where we planned to meet back up with my sister in law and brother in law who were in the middle of leaving London and heading for Romania while we were enjoying dead things in Paris :D

The DBahn was freaking amazaballs! One of the nicest trains I’d ever been on, I felt almost bad having to sit on their nice seats with my dirty pants ;) They had a display screen that showed that we were going about 200 miles an hour, of course it’s no maglev but still, the seats were so comfy and had so much leg room and the restaurant was also really nice. Everything catered to convenience and practicality which always makes life more comfortable, and I mean the little things like the light that comes on above the bathroom sign so that you don’t have to go accidentally barging in on someone while they are squatting over the toilet, oh wait, the bathroom locks also worked so that couldn’t even happen! There were even little displays above our seats that said where we were going, it dawned on us that this information was immediately and directly logged into the system when the booking was made so there are no misunderstandings and ugly arguments when you get to your seat because technically no one else should be sitting in your place. I know these are little pointless things but they are things that make life just a little more stress free and they should be appreciated when they work properly.

We arrived on time just as expected and just as Attila was saying “everything is falling into place perfectly” I spotted my sister in law just at the exit of our line. Little did we know we’d have company in the back seat with us and I am sure when he saw me waving to Gabi and Bogdan he was in for a surprise as well haha! Apparently they have a Romanian friend living in London who also wanted to catch a ride back home with them for the holidays. I’m sure he was eagerly waiting for us to pass them by so he could bust out with “did you see them!?” you can image the look on his face when he realized we’d be the one’s joining him bahaha. He seemed fine though, but then again he didn’t really have a choice now did he ;)

Bogdan was a bit tired after his drive from London to Frankfurt so we decided instead of driving on to the boarder of Austria we’d just grab a hotel in Frankfurt so that he could get some rest for the trip. Of course he’d be dropping us in Vienna while they continued on their merry little way so I had no problem spending the night in Frankfurt. At this point, Attila being the uber organizer, had booked us 3 rooms at the Golden Leaf Hotel and we were off to park the car, drop our luggage and relax a little. We had a pleasant surprise when we opened the doors to the mini bar and found a mini kitchen equipped with sink, stove, microwave, coffee machine, pots, pans and all the essentials for cooking plus we were really pleased to find that the big flat screen TV had a USB slot so we popped in our stick and watched Star Wars : Return of the Jedi while we unpacked and had a little bite to eat. We decided since we didn’t have too much time for sightseeing and we had been to Frankfurt in April 2014 for the Frankfurt Tattoo Convention we were better off getting a little rest and heading out in the evening to check out some alternative rock bars so we put on Pirates of the Caribbean : On Stranger Tides and lazed around for a bit. We planned to try out The Cave which opened at 10pm but we wanted to walk there so we could get a little night time sightseeing in so we decided to head out at 8pm.

First thing we wanted to do was scope out where The Cave was so we knew where to go 10pm. After spotting it and taking a couple selfies with the sign we headed a little further into town. We somehow ended up in the midst of the Christmas fair, and even though I hate crowds and most fake jolly things it was so quaint and adorable surrounded by the German style houses. We eventually came upon the Frankfurt Cathedral. It was all lit up in red and looked so haunting and amazing. Of course I had to shoot a bunch of selfies with it :-p

We still had an hour or so to kill so we started looking for a little pub or café of some sorts but we kept running into fancy big restaurants until we finally stumbled across a small dark bar called Berliner. In side they were playing R & B but the bartender was very polite and the place was really cute and comfortable so we settled at the bar and got a couple drinks and an order of fries to snack on until 10pm. At 5 minutes after 10 we headed back to The Cave. To our relief the doors were open and a couple of guys were standing outside. When we approached they went inside so we figured it was open and fine to go in too. We all started to walk down the stairs and to our astonishment some giant bouncer from the club started shoving us all backwards up the stairs yelling “nein nein raus!” Unwanted and rejected from the goth club we were almost going to head back to Berliner but then we found Final Destination which was a metal club. Funny that it was called Final Destination, could be that everyone ends up there because of the rude bouncers from The Cave haha. Since it was probably only 15 minutes after 10 at this point the club was pretty empty and obviously boring. We sat at the bar and got a couple drinks but it didn’t seem worth sticking around. Though the club was huge and seemed like it was probably a good time if you were with friends and had all night but we were already starting to regret the few hours we wasted sitting around for The Cave because Bogdan wanted to get on the road at 2am. Since Final Destination wasn’t really happening for us we decided to just head back to the Hotel and grab an entire hour and a half before having to hit the road to Vienna.




























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  • RaisedfromBlack
    Posted December 29, 2015 at 1:06 am | Permalink

    Great reading and I’m really astonished by your artwork (and everything else!) Too bad you couldn’t really get your kicks in Frankfurt. If you ever come to visit Cologne again, make sure you visit Bonn aswell. It’s a nice city and nightlife isn’t too bad. I know “The Cave” and that sort of stuff but Cologne and Bonn are closer ;) Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to see it again. Maybe next year!

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