Razor Candi



Really excited about this set for a couple reasons. First reason being that it was shot with Amelia G, which was a great honor and a pleasure to work with! Secondly the location was awesome! I’ve always been obsessed with graffiti and street art and the fact that this location was in a really cool punk bar only made it that much better. It was undeniable to pass up sneaking off and getting naughty in the bathroom for this set ;)


Words from the photographer: This was shot at my very favorite bar in Las Vegas. The punk DJ playing this night was so good. Practically, every track, we were all like “oh, I love this song!” RazorCandi looks gorgeous in every lighting situation, so we were hanging out, listening to great music and having a few drinks, but I kept looking at her and thinking “must take photographs!” The super cool graffiti bathroom made it so we just had to shoot a set. By the way, if any of you missed your chance to get the RazorCandi coffee table photo book and calendar, for just a few days, you can buy the book and get the calendar free!

See the FULL & UNCENSORED photo set HERE


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