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Christmas, New Years & Work

Been a little absent due to the holidays but the good news is I have some fun photos to share with you all! On Tuesday the 17th I went to see death metal band Master play at Oldies Pub and briefly met singer Paul Speckmann.


Our Saturday night ritual of global cusine and movie night was spent at Andreea’s place this time rather than ours and we chose Mexican again. We pulled off a pretty awesome taco salad with TVP and Mushroom as our meat base and sipped on some Vegan Eggnog – pretty weird cambo haha. Also watched The Jacket Gravity and Prisoners





On Christmas eve Atti and I headed out to Sfantu Gheorghe to visit his mother and also nephew Vlad who turned 3 on the 2nd of December, time flies! Of course we dropped off at Brasov on the way for a 3D movie showing of the second Hobbit movie, loved it, Peter Jackson is a genius, but I knew this since Braindead/Dead Alive ;)


Our stay at the mother in laws was very relaxing along with very filling! She kindly cooked vegan versions of delicious traditional Romanian dishes for us!








Though I’m not the biggest fan of babies’/kids Vlad was quite the adorable and amusing host.






I also started a new art project, I only have the sketch down so far but hopefully I will find some time to get some paint on that canvas soon! Of course after my trip to Germany to see Ghost it’s only natural that I would feel compelled to make a painting (or two hehe).


Lastly I have some fun behind the scenes and speak peek photos before post production to share with you from my outing on the 28th to shoot 3 new sets! The first set is my Vampire set, it was really fun, normally I’d have gone a little darker however the set is based off a Vampire prize on Zivity and so I must keep the look pretty user friendly if I want to make the money back for the room I splurged on to make the sets! I think it still has a special charm and I am not disappointed with the results.


The second set went amazingly, it’s my favorite of the three and it was really great to get back into something reminiscent of the RazorCandi style that I used to express back in the day, I hope members like this style because I’d really love to shoot more stuff like this! Would love to hear what you think!



Sadly the 3rd set with the latex started out superb but ended in a fail when the photos in the bath tub started looking a bit candid and not at all what I had in mind so I cut my loses and quit while I was still ahead, alas, I didn’t get to show off much of what’s underneath or put my black rubber toys to use but I definitely plan another latex shoot the next time I set something up, in the meantime I think the set is great for lovers of women squeezed into skin tight latex! Keep an eye out for these on RazorCandi.com!!



I had a 4th set planned for Sunday morning, I was hoping to knock out a Valentine’s Day set for February but I was really just not feelin’ the outfit plus the lack of props, I couldn’t even find a flower shop open to buy a red rose so that set will have to be rescheduled for next month, hopefully there will be more Valentine’s Day stuff available then! At least I got some cute pink butt beads that I can’t wait to use ;)


And lastly I entered the New Year watching Anton Szandor Lavey’s Speak Of The Devil documentary on YouTube, cheesy I know, but the guy was really smart!


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