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Bucharest Tattoo Convention

The past weekend starting from Thursday night was quite the fun and interesting outing. Attila and I recently relocated and Attila now works as a manager & piercer for [one of the best tattoo and body piercing shops in Romania] Transilvania Tattoo! This weekend in Bucharest the International Tattoo Convention was being held and Adda, Ovidiu & Csaba got a booth there, Atti came along to help manage and I tagged along because, why not :) Mads Kristensen & Don Frederik Holm from Tattoo Fashion also flew in from Germany to join us!

Thursday evening we went to the press conference meeting and then headed over to Hard Rock Café for a few beers and then over to The Red Light district where we continued to binge on alcohol and oogle at naked ladies at a strip club.

Atti and I planned to take advantage of the room we stayed in but we got back at about 3am and needed to be up and ready and at the convention at 10am to start setting up the booth. I managed to wake up at 8 but barely had time to finish getting ready to make it in time to go with them to help set up, so no photo shoot :-( Turns out we wouldn’t have time Saturday or Sunday morning either due to nights running too late and mornings coming way too soon.

Friday started out well enough but whilst my pee break in the ladies room something went terribly wrong with my left lip piercing which, out of the blue, began to gush blood relentlessly! I had no idea why as I hadn’t bumped it or anything but this sucker was gushing! I had to run to the sink to spit out mouthfuls of blood so that I didn’t choke or risk swallowing too much. Luckily I had my phone on me (which is a rare occasion) so I called Atti who sent up Adda with some Bactine and finally got the bleeding under control and all was fine.

Saturday seemed to fly by. There were some great suspension shows courtesy of Emilio Gonzalez, and a show by the Invaders, who always put on a great stage show! We all got a bit tipsy on some Nicolitza, except Adda who was hard at work with a tattoo until about 1am, which was a good sign to end the night ‘early’ and skip out on the after party. I think we still made it to bed by 4am.

On Sunday I met Maico Migdal from Nico Tattoo – Israel who approached me to show off a very impressive sketched based off one of my drawings! Small world!! He was so nice and even let me take a photo of himself with the beautiful piece and signed it and gave it to me :D !!

Sundays are usually a bit slow and after two days of dressing up and drinking I wasn’t feeling too up to much, I tossed my hair back in a pony tail and threw my glasses on which I kind of regret because it seemed like more people wanted photos with me on Sunday than any of the other days, bah! Most of the afternoon I just chilled on the couch most of the day and read a very interesting book that my sister suggested to me some months ago called ‘Male Sexuality, Why Women Don’t Understand it – And Men Don’t Either’ needless to say… very interesting topics and information. Strangely while I was reading, my piercing – out of the blue once again – started spouting forth with blood! I snatched up a cup to catch the blood which ended up half way full until again I was able to get the bleeding under control. We’re all baffled and very confused why this randomly keeps happening but if it happens again I will probably remove it.

I was a little disappointed that this kept happening because I had the opportunity to get my tongue split by Emilio but I was a little afraid that it wasn’t the best time since I was having issues with profusely bleeding and regrettably skipped out :-(

Oh yeah, and apparently I still look like Lady Gaga and Amy Winehouse too, maybe I should just change my alias to Lady Winehouse!!

All in all it was so awesome meeting all the new people I met during the convention and catching up with people I haven’t seen for a while, I look forward to next year!

There really aren’t as many photos as I would have liked, I really need to get used to carrying my little point and shoot around with me again.
























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