Razor Candi

Blueberry big ass muffin!

Hoooman, so, I just made the most bomb ass blueberry…er “muffin”. The other day I bought way too many blueberries and decided to make muffins, only problem is… I don’t own any muffin dishes SO I figured why not try to make one big ass muffin instead; I guess it’s more of a blueberry bread, but yumm! I also busted out some bomb ass stuffed peppers last night. Besides that I’ve been trying on outfits all morning trying to decide what to shoot next weekend. I’m also preparing my hair extensions for next week as well but first I’m in serious need of a mirror so I can see the back of my head! In my last apartment I was able to prop my little mirror up on my towel rack so I could see the back of my head but the bathroom is much larger in our new place and there is no way for me to hang or prop my mirror up anywhere to see the back of my head, it’s a problem! And those pull out mirror thingies won’t work either unless they make them to pull out like two feet, which they don’t. I decided why not rig some shit up with some cardboard, electric tape, and an old broken tripod. What’s more funny, the mirror is also broken, it fell and busted itself open a few months ago when I was in Bucharest so that too is taped back together with my handy work. Now, maybe they make such a thing as a tripod mirror for situations like this but I’ve always been one to just keep things cheap if I can, and it doesn’t get cheaper than this! I mean why blow money on stuff like that when you’ve got bills always biting at your ass. Anyway I’ve included a very fun collage of photos so you can join my DIY experience! Besides that I have another shoot tonight for Soso at Excentric Hair Salon! I gave him some old wigs to cut up and we’re going to try some geometric hair styles, can’t wait! Anyway I’m off to scarf down on more of that muffin :-p










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