Razor Candi



Secretarial but not quite, gothic school girl but not quite, librarian but not quite. However in-between categories the looks may fall I think we agree they are still all very hot looks. Sometimes I don’t really have a specific theme in mind when shooting sets, when this happens I kind of just throw together a look that involves elements which I find hot, cute, or cool without really going in any specific direction. Black Orchid is one of those sets.

During this outing I shot 3 other deathrock sets so I felt a little compelled to shot something more modestly dressed, but those who know my sets know I can never keep it too modest! I’m a firm believer in sex appeal and keeping sexy work the way it’s meant to be… hot!! For those of you who enjoy videos will be extra pleased to learn that there is one for this set so be sure to swing over to my videos section and enjoy!

See the FULL & UNCENSORED photo set & HD video HERE


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