Razor Candi


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My name is Kym, otherwise known as RazorCandi. I am currently residing in Transylvania, Romania, and have been since May 2008. I love traveling because each new place I visit tells a story and every person I meet opens a new door.

The main goal of razorcandi.net is to provide a place to share my art with you as I hope to broaden your artistic experiences with my work. My true motivation is inspiring people worldwide. Without the knowledge that I encourage self-expression, I would find creating new work challenging. Additionally, I wish to introduce my talents to the art world, hopefully proving that my portraits are a suitable way to inspire other artists. You can also find more sets and erotic art on my members only site www.razorcandi.com

Visual arts and music are my passions. You will notice that I am profoundly influenced by not only those passions, but also by the many aspects of the various alternative subcultures. Different dress styles aside, I feel what separates me somewhat from the term “model” is that I do all my own styling, makeup and create the majority of the themes and concept designs seen in my sets. Because of this you may find that I am more my own art project than that of the photographers, although they help capture my essence as I enact my visually intense lifestyle. Though I currently work with a personal photographer I’m always willing to collaborate with others if the project attracts me. I’m also interested in collaborations with designers and clothing sponsors along with any other art projects, please visit my contact page for my information.

Despite dressing up to look attractive for the camera, I particularly enjoy the artistic expression most. While modeling has inspired me to make art with my physical features, it is also very emotional for me. I love portraying a feeling through photos, and I am invigorated to know that I can provoke the production of new art within others. I hope that if you are a fellow artist, you will find my work inspiring, and if you are an admirer, established or potential, that you appreciate the photographic journey through my life.