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VANDAL A quick fun set shot at a dive bar called El Batey during my trip in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I snuck off to the back area to make my mark on the wall and realized it was very … Continue reading


SNOW Though there is no real snow in this set I still felt it was a fitting name because something about it just makes me think of snow. I’m relieved I was able to shoot this Christmas set in the … Continue reading

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flew out to Puerto Rico on December 1st for the Puerto Rico Tattoo Convention. I really fell in love with Puerto Rico. I’m still mind blown by the amazing food but most of all I was so captivated by the … Continue reading


FAWN A perfect set for the autumn season. I was very inspired to shoot something soft with a note of simplicity. Being off grid for a couple if weeks after my return to the US left an imprint on my … Continue reading

Austin, TX

Austin was a lot of fun! It was really nice catching up with Toxyc and Flavia, our generous hosts. We could only find cheap flights out of Orlando on Nov. 26th so we ended up waking up at 3am and … Continue reading


NEON One of the two bar sets I shot with Amelia G during my Las Vegas trip. This was a really fun and spontaneous spur of the moment shoot done in a bar restroom. The time just felt right and … Continue reading


DOUBLE DOWN Really excited about this set for a couple reasons. First reason being that it was shot with Amelia G, which was a great honor and a pleasure to work with! Secondly the location was awesome! I’ve always been … Continue reading

Las Vegas

Finally made it out to Las Vegas for the first time! I had an opportunity to make a trip out that way for some photo shoots with the Blue Blood crew Forrest Black and Amelia G. Over all the trip … Continue reading


Flew down to Florida a couple days before Halloween to celebrate my older sister’s birthday and spend Halloween with my twin sister. We’ve been taking it mostly pretty easy with lots of visits to coffee shops, enjoying lots of the … Continue reading


First off I want to thank everyone who helped me out with wishlist gifts! I already have plans for most of the items and can’t wait to get back to shooting asap! Wishlist aside I wanted to post about my … Continue reading