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Monthly Archives: April 2016


WINTER SUN I thought a nice outside shoot was needed. I know it doesn’t really look like it but this set was shot in the dead of winter last year and I thought it would be a fitting set to … Continue reading


DEPRIVATION A set shot to not only show the strength of art in photography but also the strength in women. As you all know I always like to change things up a bit and keep variety in my styles but … Continue reading


SILVER CRUSH I used this look a few months ago when I modelled a fashion set for PennyWigs using her gorgeous silver Lady Death wig and I loved it so much I just had to revisit this look in a … Continue reading


START WEARING PURPLE What more is there really to say but that this is a very purple set! I was going for a more coy ‘girl next door’ type look for this set wearing a more casual hairstyle and keeping … Continue reading

It’s been forever!

Can’t believe my last post was sooo long ago! I promise I am not ignoring you all on purpose but I’ve been super busy with non-modeling related things, mostly being sick since the end of February with 3 consecutive flus, … Continue reading


DEATH SQUAD DIVA The last of the three deathrock themed sets shot during one of my photo excursions. I was a little disappointed with the low number of photos in this set, but being the third set shot after a … Continue reading