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Monthly Archives: March 2016


PSYCHO BUNNY Lovin’ this mix of creepy and cute. Though the outfit resembles a little bit of others from the past it was time I recycled garments to avoid having to overspend on my budget. I even got creative and … Continue reading


STAY Sometimes being alone can be calming, but other times it can be lonely. When passion meets solitude only then do you realize just how lonely you really are. I love the location and mood in this set; I feel … Continue reading


HUMAN GARBAGE Though I will always prefer shooting sets which involve more props, make up, costumes and creativity I still love shooting sets like this for the same reason you all love them – the intimacy. This set was a … Continue reading


COURTESAN I’ve always kind of adored the early Victorian style, especially on prostitutes of that era. Movies like Perfume : Story of A Murderer, Interview With A Vampire and Pirates of the Caribbean quickly come to mind. Something about this … Continue reading