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Monthly Archives: January 2016


ASH Sometimes sets don’t always go as planned or I don’t get as excited about the result as I do with some other sets, therefore they usually take a back seat until I decide whether or not I even want … Continue reading


STRIP TEASE Originally I planned for this set to be exclusive on another site but I was a little disappointed with the outcome when it came to feedback and response on the set. Usually I don’t go back on my … Continue reading


GAMER GIRL When I first saw the Video Games & Panties prize my first though was “nah, not really my thing” but then it dawned on me that it is the perfect thing since my thing is usually trying out … Continue reading


HEAVY WITH MOOD Elegance has always been a great subject when it comes to erotic art. Being more involved with dark art I find undertaking subject matters like this as a fun challenge. It’s always nice to slip into silky, … Continue reading

Waves With No Ends

I saw that Waves With No Ends would be hosting another night on the 2nd of January and I knew this was the perfect excuse to head out to Cluj and shoot my Easter set while I was there and … Continue reading


THE DARKNESS I’ve always loved the idea of beauty varied with dark ominous styles, to me that’s true beauty, it could be because I’ve always found dark art and anomalous things beautiful, I find it alluring and enchanting. I can … Continue reading