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KICKSTART MY HEART I always enjoy a good switch up, though the styling still has the RazorCandi edge I wanted to go with a warm and sultry atmosphere in this set. Thanks to the great location I think we managed … Continue reading

New Sets for the Near Future!

Normally I would make a long, elaborate post with lots of fun and sexy behind the scenes photos but since my journal doesn’t seem to get much activity I’ve decided it’s time to just throw up quick posts with a … Continue reading

Exclusive Sets All September!!

I’m very excited for the month of September on RazorCandi.com!! I’ve been hard at work shooting all new sets for my site and have planned for the whole month of September to be brand new sets, never before published anywhere!! … Continue reading

Diamonds Are A Girls Bestfriend

DIAMONDS ARE A GIRL’S BESTFRIEND I don’t need to say much about why I named this set Diamonds Are A Girl’s Bestfriend, you will soon figure that out as you make your way through the set! Being both an admirer … Continue reading


PLATINUM PRINCESS Usually when I do blonde I like to do platinum blonde! Just a fun set shot some years back when I was still an inkless canvas hehe. Hope you enjoy me looking like an albino princess, ugh, I … Continue reading

Olive Garden Minestrone Soup

So I’ve been missin’ me some Olive Garden Minestrone Soup something fierce! Since I can’t just drive out to my local Olive Garden I had to resort to the next best thing, making my own! It’s not bottomless but I … Continue reading


NYMPH I thought I’d let out the rocker chick for this set! It was shot during my vacation for the New Year in the Mediterranean so I thought Nymph would be a pretty fitting name! As much as I would … Continue reading

Crafty Business

Since my last shoot was nearly two months ago I haven’t had much to work on or look forward to. Since it’s currently tourist season over here in Romania most of the hotels are booked out, a problem we should … Continue reading

Cluj Napoca Tattoo Expo

Over the weekend I attended the Cluj Napoca Tattoo Expo along with the Transilvania Tattoo team. The Expo was held as a part of the Untold Festival . We headed out on Thursday evening and headed back Sunday evening so … Continue reading


SLEEK & WICKED I know a lot of you are not into the overly glamorous decorative styles that I do but there is one thing in this set that I know you are into and that is the booty, which … Continue reading