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Monthly Archives: May 2015


Things have been busy but going well. As I mentioned I want to try and keep my blog updated as much as possible so I snapped some selfies at home and around Sibiu before hitting the Scottish Pub for some … Continue reading

Grilling in Casolts

Not a very long or exciting post but I thought I’d still throw these up here for a little entertainment :) Hope you all had a nice weekend!


First of all before I get into my wordy post I want to apologize again for my lengthy absence. It’s not that I don’t have time for you all, it’s that I don’t have time, period. I do plan to … Continue reading


DARK NOISE Passion and desire are the best words I can find to describe Dark Noise. I feel this set delves deep into the very essential peak of erotic photography capturing an atmosphere and mood that will take you away … Continue reading

Dreads Dreads PennyDreads!

I know my blog has been far too silent these past few weeks. I know summer is usually very slow but if everyone is as busy as I am I understand why it’s so slow! I have my fingers crossed … Continue reading


COSMETIC PLAGUE I wanted to bring out the true punk in me for this one and really go all out by not only showing a little of my style when I am usually not in front of the camera but … Continue reading


BALLET An improvised set showing off my new wish list item. I’ve always had a thing for body suits, not sure if it’s the feeling of tight spandex clinging to the body or if it’s how nicely it shapes the … Continue reading

New merch!

It’s been far too long since my last blog post but the truth is life has really been that uneventful. Granted I’ve been insanely busy but sadly not with very entertaining things but that should change soon with summer just … Continue reading