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Monthly Archives: March 2015


Shot some nice photos for Pennywigs extensions, the Obsidian Snowflake and Deadly wigs! I’m so loving this ombré collection!


SHE LACKS DISCIPLINE I thought I’d go with the set name She Lacks Discipline for obvious reasons (besides the Ausgang reference)… I’ve been a very naughty girl and can’t seem to keep myself in control ;) Again, inspired by a … Continue reading

Merch is finally here!

I’m quite excited to announce that I finally have t-shirts, bags, phone cases, prints, and much more finally available for sale!! I’ve had many requests for t-shirts and finally I’ve found a place where I can sell them along with … Continue reading

weekend shoots

My weekend was both productive and destructive. The productive part was that Atti and I decided to rent a hotel and shoot a few more deathrock sets while we can. Both outfits were a success and looked sexy and hot!! … Continue reading


DRIVE MY ROCKET What better set name for a dildo wielding strap on clad theme than Alien Sex Fiend’s Drive My Rocket! I really love this set because it reminds me a lot of a style I did over ten … Continue reading

Hobo Babylon

Surprise! A sneak set that I wanted to slip in during my deathrock month on RazorCandi.com!! This set was shot with my old Sony CD Mavica in 2004 but I still thought my special members might enjoy seeing 20 year … Continue reading


ARISTOCOUTURE A set shot for a themed contest named Fashionably Fetish and the description being “bring your art and style to Fetish. Leave the tired old prêt-à-porter at home. Bring me something dark yet elegant, beautiful yet dangerous, lovely yet … Continue reading


A NEW FORM OF BEAUTY Named after a Virgin Prunes album I found the name to be very fitting and on theme, not to call myself beautiful, quite the contrary really, but I’m sure those who understand art understand the … Continue reading


GOTHIC SLUT One of my first official sets shot for Blue Blood! I really wanted my introduction on the site to be uber goth as I feel it represents me best! I was still very fresh to the idea of … Continue reading


Sooo excited!! My new shipment arrived this morning from Pennywigs/Pennydreads and now I’ve got lots of new styles planned for upcoming shoots! We’re also working on a RazorCandi collection based off memorable hairstyles from the past and present, I received … Continue reading