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Monthly Archives: February 2015


SEDUCTRESS I felt an alluring lingerie set was in order, especially after receiving these really cute baby pink Bordello heels from my Wish List! Seeking out the perfect location the set Seductress was born! Luckily we finished up the set … Continue reading

Up The Punx

Up The Punx Figuratively speaking the set name says it all! Despite my great lengths to prove my punkyness with my towering Mohawk and DIY clothing you’ll soon find out why I chose the name as you make your way … Continue reading


GAGGED & CHAINED This was a pretty thrilling set to shoot because of all my new fetish gear thanks to a very special someone!! It was about time I involved more extreme props to wrap my pretty little lips around … Continue reading

Two Girls, One Night

I thought it was time to venture into this topic for my next fantasy. While I have shot a few girl/girl sets it’s still a little tricky to find girls willing to shoot anything beyond tame soft core scenes so … Continue reading


DARK TREMPTRESS I hope that you will enjoy my classy yet vampy allure in this set. I find that this photo set expresses my sensual side while also displaying my artistic and creative characteristics; the shoot was a very gratifying … Continue reading

Six, six, sick

Seems like getting sick after travelling is becoming a pretty common thing for me. I’ve been pretty much bed ridden all week due to a nasty cold, but at least the Romance Is Dead party was worth it ;)

Waves With No Ends

Sorry for my lack of posts lately but the truth is life has been [predictably] boring to say the least and I haven’t really been very inspired when it comes to talking about it. With that being said this won’t … Continue reading


HEARTBREAKER It’s that time of the year again! Time for candy, time for roses, time for love… or broken hearts for some. This year I wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a set shot a little more on the dark … Continue reading


Remember this one? ;)


VALENTINE VIXEN I can’t say Valentine’s Day has always been a favorite’ holiday’ of mine because I believe that every day should be cherished between lovers, however it is always a day I look forward to as a good excuse … Continue reading