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SEXDRIVE BLUES Prior to shooting this set I was lucky enough to meet some very cool people here in Transylvania, a couple of them being in a sludge band called Sign of Agony, who gave me this really cool shirt … Continue reading


TATTOO ENVY Photos taken for No.1 Issue 1 Tattoo Envy Magazine, plus some bonus shots… of me undressing! Guess I can’t help it! I tired making the best of a very DIY location but I hope my posing compensates for … Continue reading

and more new shoots!

Went all out this weekend and shot 4 new sets! Originally I planned to shoot 5 but come Sunday morning I was a bit beat. Usually I rent a place for Saturday but with check in times usually beginning at … Continue reading


PRETTY IN PATENT Though Pretty In Patent is an older set I still wanted to share it with you all, besides who doesn’t love a deathly pale chick in patent leather ready to give someone a whipping ;) There’s something … Continue reading


SLOW LIKE HONEY Wanting to capture a much softer look to show off my sexy mesh two piece bought for me off my wish list, I decided to go with red curls this time! I think the warm light sets … Continue reading


FREEONES This was a super sexy set I shot wearing promo merch from Freeones, it is also the 101st photo set published on my site. Not my usual styling but this is what I figured is best suited for this … Continue reading

New Shoots!

The past week has been hard but I managed to pull through and get some new sets shot! When we returned home from Cyprus I wanted to get right to work for the start of the new year so I … Continue reading


BULLETS & BATS An old set but one I’d still like to share with you. Bullets & Bats shows my fashionable tough girl side. I figured a simple black thong would compliment my perky cheeks best under the tight fitting … Continue reading

Cyprus Day 6

Friday was a hard day. We were up at 7am to catch breakfast before heading to the tour bus which left at 8:45. Since our shuttle left from the hotel at half past midnight we didn’t see the point in … Continue reading

Cyprus Day 4 & 5

Wednesday was New Years Eve and a day off from tours so Atti and I decided to kick off the day with a sexy photo session ;) After that we mostly just lounged around the resort, drinking a bit outside … Continue reading