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I had a pretty nice Christmas this year. Usually Atti and I head back to Sfantu Gheorghe to see the mother in law and nephew but we had just travelled out there at the end of November for her birthday … Continue reading

Sexy Santa in 2011!

MERRY CRASSMAS It’s that time of the year again so here I am with platinum hair, a lollypop, mistletoe toe trying to be the embodiment of the Christmas spirit gone sexy. Santa’s little hoe hoe ho-okay that’s a bit cheesy … Continue reading

Photoshoots & Parties!

This weekend was pretty fun! I had planned a shoot in Cluj a couple weekends ago so that I could also visit the cinema there and catch the premier of The Hobbit but then I got news that a DJ … Continue reading

Naughty or Nice?

Glass X-mass Candy Prepare yourself for my longest set yet! This set runs twice as long as an average set would with 130 images to celebrate the winter holidays and it can only be found EXCLUSIVELY on my site! The … Continue reading


Omg I luuuurve my new hair sooo much!! Only 6 hours at Excentric Hair Salon and voila! Soso is so so amazing :D

Excentric Hair

On Friday I had a fashion shoot for Excentric Hair Salon. Soso wanted to do some geometric hair styles this time, always up for something new I was more than willing! Though the photos are pretty similar to the ones … Continue reading

White Deathrock? Up the Punx photoset

Up the Punx Figuratively speaking the set name says it all! Despite my great lengths to prove my punkyness with my towering Mohawk and DIY clothing you’ll soon find out why I chose the name as you make your way … Continue reading

Blueberry big ass muffin!

Hoooman, so, I just made the most bomb ass blueberry…er “muffin”. The other day I bought way too many blueberries and decided to make muffins, only problem is… I don’t own any muffin dishes SO I figured why not try … Continue reading

Watch me go from “normal” to “crazy”, witness THE TRANSITION

There are many many amazingly talented models out there in the world and I see a lot of work these days that leaves me speechless but one thing I do pride myself on is the degree of transformation I can … Continue reading

Wigs, Movies & Food!

Got around to shooting a couple more wigs for the very amazing Pennydreads & Wigs store! I really love them both and was quite surprised to find out that I really loved the curly one! I thought I would end … Continue reading