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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Happy Halloween!!

Yayyy!! It’s my favorite time of the year – Halloween!! Can’t wait to carve pumpkins tonight and visit the cemetery ;) Meanwhile, I hope you all have extra special spooky plans but first don’t forget to drop by RazorCandi.com and … Continue reading

The Darkness

A week after the Bucharest convention Atti and I decided to shoot some new material for RazorCandi.com! With that being said I really wanted to shoot some dark, spooky and otherwise decorative fun sets, perhaps the Halloween holidays put me … Continue reading

Bucharest Tattoo Convention

A short and quick post about the Bucharest Tattoo Convention from a couple weeks ago. Sadly not too many photos were taken but I had a nice time this year catching up with friends and also meeting new people!

Penny Dreads & Wigs

Work didn’t quite stop for me once I arrived back from Prague. I immediately wanted to jump on shooting in all the beautiful blue hair pieces from Pennydreads. I love that she has funky colors available in ponytail clips, bangs, … Continue reading

Homeward – Day 8

Friday we headed back home so most of the day was much like the previous Friday… just lots of travelling. After a few cups of wine at the airports and on the plane I got a little frisky, what can … Continue reading

Prague – Day 7

Thursday we hit up the Dracula Clothing warehouse again for a few more shots for Dracula Corsets but cut the day short since it was technically our last full day there. We decided to head out into town, this time … Continue reading

Prague – Day 6

Wednesday was pretty awesome! I don’t usually collaborate much with make up artists but I had to jump on the opportunity to work with Anastasia Traubenberg (whom I met at my meet & greet) and Svetlanka Kan especially because it … Continue reading

Prague – Day 5

Tuesday was a pretty awesome day. We wanted to keep a day open to visit some of the museum and bars around Prague and after Sunday and Monday’s work we thought Tuesday was a good day to take off, especially … Continue reading

Prague – Day 4

Monday was pretty much an all day work day modeling for Dracula Clothing which didn’t leave us much energy or time for anything else. We ended up retiring back to the apartment where we started watching the first season of … Continue reading

Prague – Day 3

Sunday we headed over to the Dracula Clothing warehouse where I finally got to wiggle into some of the beautiful clothing and bust out some photos! More images for the sets will be in my fashion gallery on RazorCandi.com! I … Continue reading