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Sleek & Wicked

I don’t usually post about new sets on Zivity much but I took a 2 month break on there and getting back in the ball game is a bit slow. Some of you may also notice my looks becoming less … Continue reading


As usual this weekend ended up being somewhat uneventful when it should have been productive. Last night we went to see a Thrash Metal show and I puppy sat for a friend while she was out of town, what a … Continue reading

Have a Spanktacular weekend!!


Rene Biname

Went and saw a really awesome Belgian Anarcho Punk band on Saturday. Such a great show with awesome melody and guitar & really nice guys!!

Wigs, Video Games & Nature!

Okay, so if you know me you know my second love in life after shoes is hair. It’s pretty much the most reoccurring thought in my mind on a daily basis. The thing that probably stands out most about me … Continue reading

Collectors Special : Zivity

Kindly be patient and read this entire presentation, you won’t regret it ;)

Things havent been all too eventful buuuut…

I had a pretty awesome surprise waiting for me when I returned back from Frankfurt, two notes saying that I had packages to pick up from the States! One was from a very special person that I have been talking … Continue reading

Bride of Frankenstein!

Some time back I mentioned a horror project I was working on, well I’ve finally managed to prepare a set!! I’ve always been very interested in the collaboration of art meets erotica but sadly most toys and props are generally … Continue reading