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Monthly Archives: November 2013


As a lot you may have seen by now RazorCandi.com is finally live!! Past followers of my journal may remember me mentioning the idea of launching a members only site some time ago and know that it’s been a long … Continue reading

Munchen Germany

Up there with some of the most electrifying and finest days of my life the Ghost concert is definitely on the list. Holy shit for real! So back in September Attila and I debated the idea of going to Germany … Continue reading

Sighisoara & Bran

Had a pretty busy last few days. Toxyc Xlr is in town guest spotting at the Transilvania Tattoo Salon, those who don’t know much about him he’s one of the best horror black and grey artists out there today. He … Continue reading


Just got back from our fun and much needed weekend in Cluj! Atti and I decided it was high time for some new shoots so we planned a nice vacation out to Cluj and set up 4 shoots (plus 3 … Continue reading


I know it’s a little late in the week to be posting about the past weekend, oopse, but I thought I’d still stick a couple photos up and talk about last Saturday. As usual Andreea joined us for the evening … Continue reading