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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Photos by Jessica Lauren

Two old sets I did with Jessica Lauren. This set is from may 2006, just a fun shoot Jess and I did around down town Saint Pete for shits and giggles. There photos were taken in March 2007 for Jess’s … Continue reading

dedicated to the amazing artists

It’s about time I put more tribute art up in here, the artists deserve it. I’m truly both flattered and honored to be an inspiring subject for these talented people :) http://neocoticzombie.deviantart.com/ http://neumorin.deviantart.com/

Old photos 2004 -2005

I’m going to warn you now this post is a very long picture post. Even though these photos repeat all throughout my LJ I really wanted to make a post with selected ones from 2004 and 2005 with all my … Continue reading


Fun times at Andreea’s cabin again. We had a huge get together with Christi, Ionutz and his girlfriend Andreea from Cluj, Ada and Popo, Horatiu and his girlfriend Andreea, and Andreea, Atti and I, later on Bogdan and Patricia showed … Continue reading

Bobbie – The Romanian Dog

He’s actually a Chinese breed but he only speaks Romanian. I dedicate this post to Bobbie, though I am more of a cat person how can I not love this dog, he’s absolutely silly.

Photos by MojoKiss and Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini’s Aphrodite and Eros.

Photos I did a year ago with at the Blueberry Patch. I put a diffuse glow on them to give the set a more dream-like appearance and minimize the yellow. and my reproduction of Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini’s Aphrodite and Eros. … Continue reading