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Monthly Archives: September 2008


Here are pictures from Andreeas camera :)


On Saturday the 20th I went and saw Ataraxia (http://www.ataraxia.net/) at the Reduta Cultural Complex in Brasov. I was very captivated with the performance, Francesca Nicoli voice is stunning, and the percussionist Riccardo Spaggiari was so impressive with all the different … Continue reading

Gothic Magazine Interview

I was granted permission to post the interview in which I had with Gothic Magazine in English! The introduction: Razor Candi a piece of art Who is on the internet from time to time and is interested in the gothic … Continue reading

Gothic Magazine and Madonna Benois

My copy of Gothic Magazine arrived this week! The layout is awesome! Thank you Melanie you are the best!!! :D and also I’ve finished my reproduction of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Madonna Benois.

Klaus Painting

Aside from doing shoots I’ve been painting. Here is one of Klaus Nomi that I recently finished and shipped to the States for a friend.