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Monthly Archives: November 2006

My Hungarian Girl

I’m so excited to see my hungarian girl! We are going to have so much fun during my stay there! I’m so lucky to have such an awesome friend :D Thank you Tanya!!!


SO… it’s official! I’m finally done with everything, went and applied for my passport today, though it says it takes 6 weeks he said I should get it even before then. We got a fucking parking ticket, we decided to … Continue reading

Razed In Black, Orlando




Heading out to Josh’s house before we go to the Club tonight, we’ll spend the night there then head out to Orlando with Eden to see Razed in Black, but before I go . . . Pictures from Saturday night!

The Castle


I’m excited for next weekend, Styphyn and I have Thursday off work due to thanksgiving, and we also got Friday off for the Raized in Black show in Orlando which Eden, Josh, Styphyn and I will get a hotel for, … Continue reading

Operation Chaos Flier

flier by passivtod

spider bites!

Last couple weeks have been fun. Had to work on Halloween, but on Wed. Adner came over and pierced Styphyn and I, gentle Adner, poking holes in our face. then we went out to Cafe Tsunami for some sushi, sake, … Continue reading

Fan art

Look at this art by synthxangel I absolutly adore it!! Thank you so much Angel :) you’re amazing <3