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Monthly Archives: October 2006



Guavaween was alot of fun! I made $65 in tips so that was great! Photos from Guavaween :D

Fan art

I’m totally inlove with this drawing by mein_eschaton, it’s really beautiful! She’s truely a talented artist! Click on the image to see a larger version, the details are really cool!

Living Dead

Styphyn and I did a shoot with Jessica Lauren for her school project. I was excited about this shoot because she used a 33mm camera instead of a digital camera. Also the theme of the shoot was really cute. It … Continue reading


Haven’t been doing much other than partying (or pretending I am). I’m living with Styphyn now. good times. Did a shoot with Joe Traina Thursday the 28th, gonna meet up sometime this week so I can get the pictures from … Continue reading