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I danced for the official FetishCon after party at the Castle Friday. Had a blast, got wasted and got to see some people I haven’t seen in a while like JSin from Atlanta (who ran the party), Angela Ryan, Any … Continue reading

Club photos

more photos from the club.

Club photos

I had such a fun weekend! I danced again Saturday and made about $40 in tips which was pretty rad. I didn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to, however Eden was at the club with Stephanie who I … Continue reading

Fan art

‡¦†»PØr¢£läin ¥in«†¦‡™ made me this amazing drawing :) I absolutly adore it.

some news

I’m really excited for the upcomming weekend… actually the fun started last night! Josh got into town last night and met Styphyn and I at The Castle. I was dancing again for Catherine so it was nice to make some … Continue reading

Horror Filmz da bomb

So, I guess photobucket replied back to Eden and now they won’t terminate our photobucket. I guess the woman was under the impression that we were using our photos to make money. Anyway… my favorite!

Uber Goth

So I dunno what crawled up photobucket’s ass, but I think my journal is gonna get fucked soon, so you better save pictures while you still can. They wrote this email to my twin sister: Hi Eden, I have taken … Continue reading