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Monthly Archives: July 2006

Fan Art

Sumeragi Subaru is an amazing artist! Look at these increadible drawings (medium: ink & koh-i-noor’s liner). Click the image to see a larger version. I believe the highest form of flattery is to be recreated through someones artistic talents. Thank … Continue reading

fan art

So I recieved this paiting by filthy tidbit a few weeks ago and I feel like a real ass for taking so long to post it. I absolutly love it! Thank you Anouk <3

Fan art

C.J. Haze is so sweet! Look at this cute drawing he made :) I love it!!! It’s so cute :D

Cemetery Pics

Been haveing a nice week. I ended up covering Jason’s shift dancing at the Castle Thursday night. I’ve only been to the Castle once on a Thursday so I was a little nervous since I wasn’t very familar to the … Continue reading

Cyber Lox

Photography : Eden Prosper Cyber Lox : Jamie www.dreadtobedifferent.com

Dread hair Clips

Clip in pony tails made by Lily Monster

Your love is sweeter than wine

Painted like a whore


If your kisses cant hold the man you love…