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Monthly Archives: March 2006


Matt’s new tattoo is looking good. So far he has the outline tattooed. He will probably go back tuesday or wednesday to start the shading. While I was at Phat Kat’s John pierced my lips for me :D I’m really … Continue reading


Tonight Matt will get his tattoo started :D I’m really excited for him! He should be home from work soon, I miss him. I’ll go out to Ybor with him so he doesn’t have to drive back with his back … Continue reading

V for Vendetta

This weekend was really awesome aside from Friday night, Matt didn’t get home until about 10pm from work so I ended up falling asleep becase I was pretty bored. Saturday I had to be at work at 8am. I got … Continue reading


My shift at work was cancelled for the evening, so now my day actually got busier. I have to go pick up my cheque from work and go cash it so I have cash to print some photos at Kinko’s, … Continue reading


This is a pretty random post with some pics (go figure) from the last few weeks.

Drop Dead Magazine


This weekend was definitly interesting. Friday Ann and I went to International Plaza to shop. I had a great time. That night we went out to Bone Yard in Ybor for Liz’s birthday :D Happy b-day! I <3 you Liz! … Continue reading

all women are bad!

Photos by Jennifer Pajor

Here are the photos that the amazing Jennifer Pajor took for the Drop Dead 4 Flier.


I ended up staying at Eden’s house all weekend because Matt wanted to go to some gun show or something and he fingured all the guys there would just make me feel like a freak. I think he is right. … Continue reading