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Monthly Archives: February 2006

My Photography

okay. I’m going to post some of my photography too. It sucks (especailly after being to so many amazing photographers) but atleast the people are fun to look at lol. my very own twin sister : Eden Prosper

Year of the Whore… Matt loves Strippers

I took a few photos Saturday night looking more or less normal. Ann, Darien and I decided to go to Orphium instead of the Castle and I guess it’s more of an emo type club so I didn’t wanna bust … Continue reading

Photos by Joe Traina

Photos by Joe Traina, location the Castle.

Photos by Joe Traina

Me and Angela Ryan at The Castle, photos by Joe Traina.

Shot with Angela Ryan

did a shoot with Angela Ryan on Sunday while she was in town. Joe Traina took the photos and we did it at the Castle. It was odd to be there while it was completly empty and during the day. … Continue reading

Underground – Fetish Night

Friday night Matt and I went to some fetish thing Steve was throwing at Underground. It was an okay turn out and Angela Ryan did a hot stage show so that made my night ;) I got a little bored … Continue reading

January 22nd, Anns Birthday Party

Ann gave me photos last Thursday from the party she had on her birthday! Happy b-day Antoinette. Kym loves you <3

I-Bar, Orlando

Sunday night turned into a fiasco. Lucky we had sushi earlier that day or the whole day would have been a failure.

Gossip Whore

Saturday Stephanie, Eden and I went to Amy’s house were we hung out with her boyfriend Tony and her twin Alice. Caught on some much needed gossip and headed home around 4am.

My weekend

I don’t remember. Let the photos do the talkin’: Friday. February 10th.